Growing your real estate business on social media.

Do you know that a majority of home buyers start their search for a house online? This clearly shows you that you need to have an online presence if you are in the real estate business.  The younger people are no longer using newspapers and television to search for anything, the internet has given them quick access to so much information from the comfort of their Smartphone’s or smart apps.

 Despite this large number of people looking for homes online, few real estate agents have actually taken advantage of this platform. A study found that only 11% of inquiries get a response from those in the real estate industry.  This means that there is a large market out there that is not being taken care of online.

It would, therefore, be a very good idea to take advantage of social media platforms to grow your real estate business. How can you do this?

Have a social media presence.

Create a social media presence and have the right content for the different platforms. For example, if you are targeting young newlyweds, you may want to post many attractive pictures on Instagram because this platform has a higher number of young users. Facebook is a great place to post ads because you can boost them and you have a very wide audience base.

 Creating groups that have people in your networks is also a good idea for networking purpose. It also lets you know what is happening in the industry.

 Have exciting content.

If you have a social media platform, you have a wide audience base, and if you have no content, then you will definitely be on the losing end. People want to interact on social media platforms and good content is one way of doing it. Have high-quality pictures, have engaging videos that have good sound and high-quality images. Have a call to action for all your content, for example, subscribe, book a site visit, you can reach us on, amongst others.

 Schedule your posts so that you always have content to post, for example, if you have a new listing, make sure you share it with your audience so that they know what you have.

 Some of the social media platforms like Facebook allow you to have live videos, if you are doing a site visit, for example, have it live so that your subscribers are able to see the property without needing to be there physically. This is a great way to interact with your subscriber base, remember to encourage interaction and if any questions come up, respond in a timely manner.

 Have a landing page.

Landing pages are great for collecting leads. Do not have a single landing page for all your properties, but most of all, it is important that whatever lead you collect, you action it so as not to waste it.

Social media can give you an aerial actively inexpensive way of reaching large audiences. However, you have to make it engaging, interact with your subscribers and provide great content. Use keywords so that you appear easily in search engines sites.